Tracking & Privacy

We value your privacy and as such we do not track you on sites outside our domain We use third-party services like Google Fonts and Facebook and those dirty bastards might track you. If you value your privacy you should really try and quit facebook, but you know, that’s up to you.



This website does use cookies. Some of them are from third party platforms like Google and Facebook. We do not ‘track’ you across the web or hold any specifically identifying data about you. We do, however, love good cookies and we encourage you to bake them yourself at home.


Your Privacy

We care about your privacy but don’t just leave that to us, you need to care about your online privacy too. With that in mind, you should consider using a VPN and running browser plugins that help safeguard you online, like Privacy Badger, Ghostery, and OptMeowt. We strongly encourage you to learn more about how to take control of your data and privacy online.